Rich or Poor?

Want to feel better/worse about your lot?

Take the BBC’s salary test and find out where you sit in the world’s pay rankings – just enter your country and monthly salary before tax (no one will know – its safe because it the BBC and when they say its okay, it okay).

The global average monthly salary is just under $1,500 (before taxes). That would just pay my mortgage. With nothing left for wine.

In the US the average is about $3,259, in the UK its just over $3,000 (that would just about pay the mortgage and the wine bill).

In Tajikstan its about $230 a month. But they aren’t allowed wine so its not a big problem.


2 thoughts on “Rich or Poor?

  1. Love this blog. Just did a tour of Europe, speaking to young people–they ones I’ve interviewed are cynical about the economy, but have enough perspective to know how fortunate they are.

  2. Love the comment about Tajistan. Two things 1 In Italy nobody declares anything so I have no idea how the BBC got their data and 2 I went to Serbia and the engineers in the local factory were earning 300 euros a month and the average taxi fare was 2 euros.

    Nice post. I feel poor 😦

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