Getting Screwed in Britain

No not that kind. The financial kind. In the UK a litre of fuel costs £1.48 (for diesel anyway). Not a gallon, a litre. That means a gallon costs £6.66. (or $10).

And that means the oil companies are creaming it, right? Well yes but in this beloved green Isle of Wonder we call the UK, Britain, whatever, the Government takes about 80p in duties and tax. Seriously we do it to ourselves.

However with all this money floating about trouble is brewing. 1000 lorry drivers deliver fuel to the petrol stations on a daily basis. And they want a piece of the action. So they are going on strike.

So in classic fashion we are all stockpiling (one Government Minister even suggested storing petrol in jerrycans in your garage – nice one)

Anyway this is for you Esso, Shell, whoever. £94 to fill up a tank that was already 1/4 full. It will see me for 500 miles. Thats 20 trips to work and back.

Happy days!!!!

Its usually on the first white bar


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