Public Transport is the future? Watch this…

Our Government wants us to use public transport more. In the UK there are something like 30 million vehicle on the roads (one for every two people – man, woman and child). There isn’t enough room on the roads to get from A to B without hitting queue after queue.

So the Government says use Public Transport – trains, buses, trams, the Tube. Good idea. But before we get carried away lets take a quick look at what might await us on the British public transportation system (warning this clip contains racial abuse and other general unpleasantness)

This woman is now in prison awaiting trial. Her child is either with relatives or in care. The Courts have kept her in custody ‘for her own protection’.

The problem with the Modern Age, for racists, thugs and other forms of nutcases, is that there is nowhere to hide. Mobile phones and the internet has put paid to random anonymous ranting like you have just seen – you can still do it if you want but don’t expect to get away with it.

A second example, this time on our beloved London Buses:

This one is not as bad as the first – you can’t help but laugh when she falls flat on her back but you wouldn’t really want to be on that bus with the kids would you.

So here are just two example why I will be commuting by car for the foreseeable future!


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