5 things I hate about Chistmas 2011 so far

Is this really the best they can do?

  1. The BBC Christmas programme padder – It’s a very sad world when the biggest ‘celebrity’ to appear on this 3 minute cringefest is a virtually dead looking David Jason.
  2. The rabid spread of Christmas lights up and down our street that are so bright it feels like mid summer in Norway.
  3. Increasingly feverish efforts by the media to instill dread and fear into the population by reminding us that if you don’t lose your job, or get swept away by the Arctic weather, rioting immigrants will undoubtedly kidnap your family and sell them to some Iranians to be used as human shields.
  4. That I put all the Christmas decorations in storage last year at the local Shurguard but cleverly put them right at the back of my Pod.
  5. I have no idea what we are celebrating. Is it the birth of Jesus? Is it how Saint Nick ran around helping the poor in Europe or something. Or is it some messed up pagan ritual that got mixed up with everything else? Who knows and who really cares.

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